Emergency Bankruptcy Filing

If you have not paid me and signed a written representation and compensation agreement, I am not your attorney, and you alone are responsible for your use of the information on the COBankruptcyLaw web sites. A pro se debtor, who files a bankruptcy case without an attorney, is completely responsible for meeting all requirements and deadlines set forth in the Bankruptcy Code as well as the federal and local rules and forms. A pro se debtor is his or her own attorney.

U.S. Bankruptcy Court 

for the District of Colorado 

U.S. Custom House

721 19th Street

Denver, Colorado 

The court clerk's intake hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday (except court holidays). Documents should be filed before 4:00 PM. The intake office is on the first floor just down the hall to the right from the lobby. There is airport-type security at the front door of the building. A photo ID (driver license) is required for admission to the building.

Court's Information for any Debtor Filing without an Attorney (Review the page links at the bankruptcy court's web site FIRST)

Bankruptcy Code, Rules and Forms

Bankruptcy Code 

Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure  

Official Bankruptcy Forms  

Local Bankruptcy Forms 

Local Bankruptcy Rules  

Local Bankruptcy Rules Appendix  

Minimum Initial Filing Requirements on Petition Date  

  • Court Filing Fees 
    • Chapter 7: $306 ($335 after June 1, 2014)
    • Chapter 13: $281 ($310 after June 1, 2014) 

All other documents must be filed within 14 days after filing the petition, or the case will be dismissed (unless an extension requested before the deadline has been granted by the court).

Notice of Bankruptcy Stay regarding Foreclosure Sale

As soon as possible after filing a bankruptcy case, a debtor must provide a foreclosing creditor's attorney and the county public trustee with the bankruptcy case information (including case name and number, date and time filed as stamped on the petition filed at the bankruptcy court) showing that the case has been filed at the bankruptcy court before the foreclosure sale occurs. 

Colorado Public Trustees

The bankruptcy court clerk may provide a notice of the bankruptcy stay, which can be given to a foreclosing creditor's attorney and the county public trustee. 

Filing for Bankruptcy Without an Attorney

Info from the 
U.S. Courts

"While individuals can file a bankruptcy case without an attorney or "pro se," it is extremely difficult to do it successfully.

"It is very important that a bankruptcy case be filed and handled correctly. The rules are very technical, and a misstep may affect a debtor's rights. For example, a debtor whose case is dismissed for failure to file a required document, such as a credit counseling certificate, may lose the right to file another case or lose protections in a later case, including the benefit of the automatic stay. Bankruptcy has long-term financial and legal consequences - hiring a competent attorney is strongly recommended.

"Debtors must list all property and debts in their bankruptcy schedules. If a debt is not listed, it is possible the debt will not be discharged. (Lists of the documents [including schedules] that debtors must file are set out on Form B200 (pdf), one of the Director's Procedural Forms.) The judge can also deny the discharge of all debts if a debtor does something dishonest in connection with the bankruptcy case, such as destroying or hiding property, falsifying records, or lying. Individual bankruptcy cases are randomly audited to determine the accuracy, truthfulness, and completeness of the information that the debtor is required to provide. Please be aware that bankruptcy fraud is a crime.

"Pro se litigants, whether debtor or creditor, are expected to follow the rules that govern procedures in the federal courts. Pro se litigants should be familiar with the United States Bankruptcy Code, the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, and the local rules of the court in which the case is filed. Local rules, along with other useful information, are usually posted on the court's web site and are available at the local court's intake counter."