Meetings of Creditors, Trustees and Locations

The Dockets sheet shows trustee assignments for 341 meetings of creditors in Colorado. A green row shows current assignments for Denver and Ft Collins as of the date and time shown in the Location column. The maximum docket size is 28 cases.

A recent docket assignment with an AM/PM designation in lower case is subject to change. An "a" or "p" designation without a location is shown when a trustee has been assigned by the court, but the date and time for the 341 meeting has been
guesstimated. After assignments are confirmed by court records, AM/PM designations are changed to upper case, and the meeting location is included. 

On the Trustees sheet, the first row has links to the web sites for the U.S. Trustee and the Colorado bankruptcy court showing Colorado bankruptcy trustees, their tax return e-mail addresses, the chapter 7 trustee information sheet, dockets for 341 meetings, and  addresses and maps for 341 meetings in Colorado. Most trustees are assigned to one location; however, certain trustees conduct 341 meetings in Colorado Springs and Pueblo. 

The Venue and Sites sheets show locations of 341 meetings of creditors for Colorado bankruptcy cases. The location of a 341 meeting is determined by a debtor's county of residence. The Venue sheet is color-coded by the location of the 341 meeting: Denver, white; Colorado Springs, blue; Fort Collins, red; Grand Junction, green; and Pueblo, purple.