Rule 2016-1 : Compensation of Professional Persons

(a) Form of Fee Application: Except for those applying for fees pursuant to L.B.R. 2016-3, every fee application filed pursuant to 11 U.S.C. §§ 330 or 331 must include a cover sheet in substantial conformity with L.B. Form 2016-1.1 and contain the following information:

(1) Introduction: The introductory statement must contain a general statement of the status of the case and include the information required on L.B. Form 2016-1.1.

(2) Narrative by Category: The professional fee application must contain a narrative that describes the work performed divided into categories of major/significant services. Within each category, the narrative must describe:

(A) the nature of the services,

(B) the result obtained,

(C) the benefit to the estate,

(D) a general description of what additional work remains to be done with respect to the matter,

(E) a statement of the number of hours spent on the particular matter and by whom, and

(F) the portion of the total fee applicable to the particular category.

(3) Time Entries:

(A) Generally: The narrative description must refer to a separate exhibit containing copies of detailed time entries from records contemporaneously kept by the applicant which support the fee sought with respect to each particular matter or category, including the date the work was performed, the individual performing the work, the time spent on each task (expressed in tenths of hours), the total fee for each task, and a detailed description of the work performed.

(B) Jointly-Administered Cases: In jointly-administered cases, the narrative must also provide a description of the overall work done in each case, as applicable, and provide the court with an approximate percentage of the time spent on each case.

(4) Record of Expenses: The applicant should retain cost/expense invoices or documentation for amounts over $25 for possible review by the court.


[Source: L.B.R. 216]