Rule 2015-1 : Reports

Any report of operations that the court or the United States Trustee may require the trustee or the debtor-in-possession to file in a case under any chapter of the Bankruptcy Code must be filed with the court within the time frames established by FED. R. BANKR. P. 2015 or the United States Trustee. Copies of such reports must be provided to the trustee, United States Trustee, and any committee pursuant to L.B.R. 2081-2(b).


[Source: L.B.R. 215(a)]

See 11 U.S.C. §§ 704(a)(8) or 1106(a)(7).

See also the United States Trustee’s Operating Guidelines and Reporting Requirements for that office’s filing requirements at This L.B.R. does not relieve the trustee or debtor-in-possession from the obligation to act in accordance with those guidelines.

See also L.B.R. 3022-1 for more information on the filing of a final report and motion for final decree in chapter 11 cases.